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Hair Botox Keratin Smoothing Treatment 100ml

Hair Botox Keratin Smoothing Treatment 100ml

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  1. Rinse 2 times with Keratin Deep Cleansing Shampoo;
  2. Dry your hair completely. Pour out an appropriate amount of straightening cream into a bowl (40-50ml for short hair, 80-100ml for long hair);
  3. Divide the hair into four parts: starting from the nape, divide the hair into several parts, apply the straightening cream evenly on the hair with a comb, and comb the hair from the root to the end of the hair 2cm away from the scalp (here Gloves should be worn during the procedure);
  4. Stay for 50 minutes;
  5. Use a fine-toothed comb to remove excess hair straightening cream. After this step, you can not rinse or rinse off 50% hair straightening cream (the company tested that washing 50% hair straightening cream is better);
  6. Dry the hair with a medium heat blower, and use a wide brush to smooth the hair;
  7. Use the electric splint to adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature (depending on the hair quality), then divide the pieces and clamp them from top to bottom, evenly straighten and shape.
  8. For best results and long-lasting results, it is recommended to wash your hair after 2 days.


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